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At Riverstone Advisors, we’ve done the work to become experts in our craft. We collect data and conduct research on market trends to forecast market changes. We share our insights and results with our clients to keep them informed about what’s happening in the markets and provide new opportunities for their portfolios. Our goal is to translate complex financial data into digestible information that our clients feel comfortable with informing their financial decisions.

Think of these market commentaries as conversation starters. Explore our insights! We are here to chat if something piques your interest.

Market Commentary

2nd Quarter 2022 Market Commentary

The economic train is on the rails, and the Federal Reserve is the conductor. Their intent is to squash inflation. Let’s talk about what we see coming down the tracks.

1st Quarter 2022 Market Commentary

First-quarter was a wild ride. The press has been on repeat with: “War,” “Correction,” “Inflation,” and “Recession.” Bad news has outweighed good, and we are here to sift through these headlines for you.

SEC Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of accounts do you service?

We service most corporate and personal investment accounts. Some common accounts are Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, IRAs of all varieties, Trusts, Profit Sharing Plans, Corporations, and 401Ks.

How often do you meet with clients?

We want our clients to see us as an extension of their family. We meet with clients as often as they like. This can be in person or remotely. For our family office clients, we also will meet with clients children to help begin the process of learning how to live with wealth.

How often do clients receive statements?

Once every month you will receive a statement from Fidelity, the custodian who will hold your investments. Each quarter your will receive a set of materials from Riverstone. Included in this set of materials are:

  • A quarterly letter that breaks down what happened in the markets, the economy, and also your specific account performance
  • Your account statement(s)
  • A clear summary of our fees
Do I need to meet a minimum asset threshold to work with Riverstone Advisors?

For Wealth Management clients, we generally require a minimum relationship size of $750,000. For clients looking for Family Office Management services, we require a minimum asset level of $20 million.

We are open to working with clients with assets outside of these ranges depending on individual situations. Please request a free consultation to discuss your needs further.

What is a CFA?

A Chartered Financial Analyst is a trained and certified investment professional who provides portfolio management and investment guidance for individuals, businesses, and organizations. It takes a minimum of three years to receive a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. This certification is not for the faint of heart. The material to master it is rigorous. In 2021, the pass rate for the CFA certification was about 35%. We take pride in having a team of Chartered Financial Analysts who have dedicated their careers to not only mastering the skills necessary to lead clients into successful portfolios but the capacity to carry out their fiduciary duty with integrity.

What does Fiduciary Duty mean?

Fiduciary duty is an acceptance of responsibility to act in the best interests of another person or entity. In this instance, it’s our fiduciary duty to act in your best interests as our clients and to conduct business with trust, transparency, and honesty. Our only motivation is to ensure we put ourselves in our clients shoes when making financial recommendations.

How do we pick individual stocks?

Stocks are selected based on intensive research. First, we identify industries that are benefiting in the current economic conditions. Next, we look at our existing investments in that industry. We decide what to keep and what to ditch. Then we select other stocks that we find attractive. We look for companies that have a significant advantage over their competitors, with strong cash flow, superior products and services, experienced and driven management teams, and attractive financials. Read more about how we pick stocks.

How do we use individual bonds?

Depending on the client’s financial situation and the type of account we are managing, we will utilize various types of bonds in a portfolio. These may be corporate taxable bonds, tax-exempt municipal bonds, taxable municipal bonds, etc. We prefer to buy individual bonds for clients rather than bond mutual funds. This allows us to precisely control interest rate risk (a.k.a. increases or decreases in interest rates). Bonds act as ballast to provide a stable value portion in portfolios. They have the advantage of providing a steady source of income. We prefer to own bonds to maturity. We only use bonds if they are appropriate for the client.

Do you own any mutual funds or ETFs?

Yes, we will utilize mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in portfolios. These are good products to gain access to a specific investment style or index.

What is the difference between the fee structure of a stock or other broker versus the advisors at Riverstone Advisors?

A traditional broker gets paid based on transactions as they happen.They may also charge a fee on the assets they manage. A broker’s incentive is to sell you something and get paid a commission. On the other hand, the fee-only model we use charges an annual fee based on a percentage of your assets under our management. This type of fee structure is more aligned with your interests, as the goal is to grow your assets over time. This fee structure allows us to objectively assess your financial situation and plan for upcoming investments or life changes. Your success becomes our success.

When your plan requires a new product or service that is commission-based, we will inform you in advance to allow time to decide if you’d like to go through our service or choose another service provider. Transparency allows us to do business in the most ethical way possible, conducting our business through our values.

Would you like us to vet your existing financial advisor’s plans for your portfolio?