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Our Process Contains No Games and No Guessing

Because it’s Our Mission to Clarify and Simplify Your Wealth Management

We believe in the full disclosure of our fees so you can see that our advice is fair and structured to help you, not leave you with hidden charges.

Conflicts are always present in any service model business. We have built our fee schedule to eliminate as many as possible. If you’re not familiar with the fee-only approach to investment advice and planning, it’s a way to eliminate the conflict of interest that often exists between brokers and their clients. With this approach, we are paid a fee based on the assets under management rather than through commissions on product sales. Many firms charge both AUM and commissions. We only charge on the assets we manage. As a result, our incentive is to provide you with the best possible advice and fulfill our fiduciary duty of doing what’s right for our clients instead of making a commission off selling individual products. This approach ensures your advisor is working in your best interests to utilize the most effective investments for you.

Our Thorough Process to Learn About Our Client’s Financial Goals and Plans Includes:

We first assess investment experience and risk tolerance
Review existing financial plan(s) or begin building a new financial plan
Reviewing estate planning documents and flows for how assets pass to heirs
Discussing planning opportunities like tax planning, buying a house, sale of a business, planning for college expenses.
Establish accounts and build portfolios

We work hard to craft a unique portfolio that allows you to live off your assets while minimizing risk and expenses. Our service is about vision, sound advice, and data-based strategies resulting in performance and a financial plan that works for you.

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