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Multi-Family Office Model

For ultra-high net worth clients with assets above $20 million, Riverstone offers a cost-effective Multi-Family Office service that can simplify your family’s life.

Multi-Family Office Model

Riverstone realizes that many families need a quarterback for all aspects of their financial lives. We offer a cost-effective multi-family office model that allows you to focus on what is important while ensuring the goals for your capital and heirs are executed. We offer this service to entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, executive-level officers, and ultra-high-net-worth families. We focus on first- and second-generation families.

This multi-family office model helps to keep family office expenses down for each client while their family structure is not overly complex. We offer a different fee structure for this level of assets, and it is tailored to the needs of each client and the services they require.

Ideal Clients:

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

First and Second Generation Ultra High Net Worth Families

Executive Level Officers

Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Family Office Services Include

Simplify your life. Riverstone can act as your financial officer to cover all financial aspects your family comes across.

Tailored Estate and Wealth Planning

We dig deep on establishing an estate plan that matches your goals for your wealth. We focus on tax efficiency and optimization of passing assets to the next generation.

Family Governance and Education

We are here to help instill in younger generations the goals you have for your capital and resources. We help to teach beneficiaries how to be good stewards of capital all while trying to maintain assets for the next generation.

Liquidity Planning

We sit on the same side as business owners in optimizing the exit of their company. We help with tax and business strategy pre and post-exit. We work with estate and tax lawyers on your behalf to save you time on running your business or spending time with your family.

Philanthropic Planning

We advise on Donor Advised Funds, Foundations, and Charitable Trusts that help benefit the cause(s) that mean the most to you. We also help make charitable gifts on behalf of our clients.

Money Movement Services

We help with money movement for clients and the vendors they work with.

Private Real Estate

We help clients establish rentals of real estate assets they own. This could help generate passive income, diversify existing portfolios and generate passive income.

Public and Private Investments

We have a strong background in research and focus on finding the right investments, not just the popular ones. Too often firms lead with products first and the long-term focus is forgotten. We have expertise in both public and private investments and will make sure your wealth is allocated according to your goals and plan. We do not make money on products we put clients into so we sit on the same side as you with what we choose for your portfolios.

  • Do you have an existing firm that is managing your family’s wealth?
  • Hoping to vet your existing multi-family office advisory group?
  • Are you expecting outsized wealth in the future and looking to start planning now?
  • Do you have a feeling your estate plan and generational plan don’t match your goals?

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